002Make Contender and Encore Barrels For Fun or Profit

 New Encore Stub kit every thing you need to mount your barrel to the Encore Action.

barrel not included


 The EVA Encore Model E-T Stub Kit   These kits are here and being assembled.  We began taking orders on June 8, 2015.  The on line Web store has them too.


Warning: Eagle View Research Center, LLC, Eagle View Arms, 5MM Craig, and Advanced Tactical Sighting Systems, as well as the officers, agents, and personnel of the above companies, referenced here after as EVRC, states that by acquiring and using any of the products offered by EVRC that you, the user or firearms modifier, understand that all firearms are dangerous, and that building, modifying, loading or firing any firearm is a dangerous act that you have chosen to engage in and have assumed all risk in doing so.




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